Waterproofing of Concrete Foundation Slab, Retro, Bratislava, SK

Project: Waterproofing of Concrete Foundation Slab of Shopping Center Retro, Bratislava, Slovakia
Designer: Bajoprojekt s.r.o.
Owner: Weon Group, a.s.
Contractor: Port Slovakia s.r.o.
Products: Adi-Con CW Plus
Objective: Integral waterproofing of the concrete foundation slab using Adi-Con CW Plus crystalline waterproofing admixture.

Adi-Con CW Plus dry admixture was added at a concrete batching plant to provide a thorough dispersion throughout the concrete mix and assure a long-term waterproofing performance.

Over 4,800 m3 (170,000 ft3) of concrete on this project was protected with Adi-Con CW Plus.

Concrete impermeability test data is available upon request.

Figure 1 Foundation Dug Out

Figure 2 Mud Slub Contruction

Figure 3 Construction of Foundation Slab