Repair & Waterproofing of Deteriorated Concrete on Dneproges Dam, Zaporizhia, Ukraine

Project: Repair & Waterproofing of Dneprostroi Dam, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Designer: Gemite Ukraine Ltd.
Contractor: B.M. Usachenko Company
Products: Spray-Con WS ST

Repair and waterproofing of concrete structure of Dneprostroi (Dneproges) Dam in the Ukraine.

Dnieper Hydroelectric Station is the largest hydroelectric power station on the Dnieper River, located in Zaporizhia, Ukraine.  It was built in the late twenties and early thirties and was for many years the largest dam in the world.

poor quality concrete and repeated freeze-thaw action resulted in a serious concrete deterioration problem on the negative side of the dam – above  the  power-house section.

Spray-Con WS ST – wet shotcrete process material was spray applied to repair and protect the concrete surfaces of the dam.

Figure 1 Dneproges Dam Ukraine

Figure 2 Dneproges Dam Setting up Scafolding on the Negative Side

Figure 3 Wet Process Shotcreting Spray Con WS ST