Geopolymer Materials & Technology Waterproofing - Crystalline, Flexible & Negative Side Potable Water & Wastewater Parking Structures Sewers & Manholes + MIC Protection Shotcrete + Tunnels Industrial Concrete Restoration & Protection Marine Structures + Dams, Locks, Bridges, Airports Buildings - Walls & Roofs Parking Structures + Traffic Toppings Floor Coatings & Sealers Chemical Protection Structural Strengthening Providing solutions for protection, restoration Continuously developing New and Delivering Tomorrow’s Technology Today & waterproofing of structures Advanced Technologies
Over 30 years of unparalleled customer service worldwide

Gemite Advantages


Crystalline WaterProofing
Drinking (Clean) Water
Chemical Protection
Floor Coatings, Sealers & Densifiers
Sewers & Manholes MIC Protection
Marine Structures
Walls & Roofs
Tunnels & Mines
Dams & Locks
Industrial Concrete Repair & Protection
Cooling Towers & Chimneys
Structural Strengthening
Parking Structures
Pipe Protection & Restoration
Floor Levelling + Moisture Remediation
Thin Traffic Toppings
Non-Destructive Diagnostics

Geopolymer Advanced Inorganic Materials & Technology

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