About Us

W. R. MEADOWS’ acquisition, GEMITE, is the Canadian materials and technology company founded in 1986 by Igor Nikolajev, president, and the late Dr. Ivan Razl, technical director. Together, the partners developed solutions for the protection of reinforced concrete in the most challenging industrial and infrastructure applications: oil refineries, sewers, and water treatment facilities to parking structures, dams, bridges, and airports.

After decades of partnering with GEMITE, W. R. MEADOWS acquired GEMITE in January 2022. This move gave W. R. MEADOWS the ability to serve new and expanded markets. The companies are well-aligned. GEMITE produces quality solutions meeting stringent standards.

Specifiers know that they can specify with confidence because GEMITE’s certifications include ISO 9001, Construction Products Regulations (CPR) compliance, and harmonized technical specification products compliant with EU Construction Product Regulations carrying the CE marking. Some of GEMITE’s products comply with NSF/ANSI/CAN61—Drinking Water Barrier Material Systems. Whenever specifiers need proof of any of GEMITE products’ certifications, they are available upon request. A Declaration of Performance (DoP) for specific products is available upon request, also.

Previously, W. R. MEADOWS had partnered with GEMITE for many years on products, knowing the integrity of GEMITE’s formulations were superlative for protecting, preventing, and preserving any surface they touched. The GEMITE additions to the overall W. R. MEADOWS product portfolio create a strong brand extension opportunity.

Markets and Applications GEMITE Supports:

  • Chemical Protection
  • Cooling Towers & Chimneys
  • Crystalline Waterproofing
  • Dams & Locks
  • Drinking (Clean) Water
  • Pipe Protection & Restoration
  • Sewers & Manholes
  • Wastewater

GEMITE products will support your specifications and contractor projects. For more information, contact [email protected].