Restoration, Waterproofing and H2S Protection of Digester Tanks, Kitchener, Ontario

Project: Digester, Kitchener, Ontario,Canada
Designer: AECOM
Contractor: JDCMI,Ontario
Products: Cem-Kote Flex CR & Gem-Plast TC

Concrete repair, Waterproofing and H2S protection of Digester Tanks in Kitchener, Ontario, was carried out in 2014, using Cem-Kote Flex CR.

The surface of concrete was sandblasted to obtain a clean and profiled surface satisfying CSP # 3 as per ICRI guidelines.

Concrete imperfections and delaminations were repaired with Gem-Plast TC, a leveling cementitious polymer-modified plaster that can be applied at 3-6 mm (1/8”-1/4”) thickness.

Two coats of Cem-Kote Flex CR were applied to provide waterproofing and chemical protection against micro-biologically formed sulfuric acid (H2S).

The repair is shown in Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 1 Application Cem-Kote Flex CR Interior Walls of Digester

Figure 2 Digester Interior During the Repair