Waterproofing of Underground Parking Garage

Project: Foundation, Walls and Negative Side Waterproofing of Underground Parking Garage, Bratislava, Slovakia
Designer: Gemite Slovakia A.S.
Contractor: Hydroflex
Products: Adi-Con CW Plus & Cem-Kote Flex ST 
Objective: Comprehensive Waterproofing of an Underground Parking Garage.

Adi-Con CW Plus was used as a waterproofing admixture in the foundation wall concrete.

Cem-Kote CW Plus was used for negative side waterproofing of the concrete slabs, walls and trenches.

The project started in 2005 and was completed in 2006.

The total waterproofed surface was approximately 8,000 m2 (80,000 ft2).

For technical details, please contact Gemite Technical Service.

Figure 1 Undeground parking garage Slovakia

Figure 2 Underground Parking Garage Slovakia

Figure 3 Underground Parking Garage Slovakia

Figure 4 Underground Parking Garage Slovakia