Waterproofing & Carbonation Protection of Concrete Walls & Precast

Project: Waterproofing and Carbon Protection of Cast-in-Place Concrete and Precast Walls, Canada
Designer: Various specifiers
Contractor: Various contractors
Products: Tuff-Flex CA + Primer # 300
Objective: Waterproofing and Protection of Concrete walls from Carbonation and enhance the aesthetic appearance of wall surfaces that are subject to harshest climatic conditions and even chloride attack.

Large number of applications on townhouses, condominiums, high-rise commercial and other various buildings across Canada were installed, some going back more than 25 years.

Tuff-Flex CA is a Highly Durable, Anti-Carbonation, Super Flexible Waterproofing and Decorative Wall coating, with a field proven “life-span” in excess of 25 years, excellent for protection of new, and restoration of cracked & deteriorated concrete, masonry and stucco.

Tuff-Flex CA bridges over & seals substrate cracks due to its high elongation at ambient and even very low temperatures and delivers high-durability, cleanability (self-cleaning) due to its unique formulation.

Highly resistant to carbon dioxide diffusion, has an exceptional resistance to UV light and chemical resistance in acid environments.

Tuff-Flex CA is a breathable, economical and easy to apply coating available in a virtually limitless range of colors.

2-coat system consists of Primer # 300, followed by application of Tuff-Flex CA. to assure a continuous, pinhole free protective membrane that delivers a long-term protection, field proven for over 25 years

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