Waterproofing and Chemical Protection of Sewer Tunnel

Project: Erin Mills Trunk Sewer, Region of Peel, Ontario, Canada
Consultant: WSP
Contractor: Tarpon Contracting
Products: Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 & Cem-Kote Flex CR

Waterproofing and H2S protection of segmental concrete sewer tunnel, with an internal diameter 2.4 m (7’ 10”) and over 900 meters (1,000 ft.) long. This section was a test for a total sewer tunnel, that is approx. 10 km (6 miles) long.

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 & Cem-Kote Flex CR system was selected due to the following advantages:

  • Can be applied to water saturated surface moisture, and at high humidity.
  • Stops water penetration from the Negative side
  • Prevents debonding due to vapor condensation resulting in high capillary pressures at concrete-membrane interface
  • Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic
  • Cost Effective – less than 50% of the Applied Cost of polymer coatings

After stopping active water leaks, the surface of the liner was pressure washed, and 1 mm (40 mils) thick coating of Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 spray applied and brushed.

The coating was allowed to air cure, before cleaning the surface using pressure water

One coat of Cem-Kote Flex CR – 1 mm 940 mils) thick, was spray applied and brushed to eliminate possible pinholes.

Results of bond test were outstanding, and data is available on request.

Brushing Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100

Spraying Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100

Segmental Tunnel Liner