Rustproofing of Corroded (Rusted) Steel Pipes in Metallurgical

Project: Rustproofing of Corroded Steel Pipeline in Mariupol, Ukraine
Designer: Gemite Ukraine Ltd.
Owner: Mariupol Metallurgical Plant
Contractor: Metalurgstroj, Mariupol
Products: Fibre-Prime

Rustproofing of an existing, heavily corroded steel pipeline in a metal processing facility in Mariupol<(Crimea), Ukraine.

The steel pipe is exposed to the highly corrosive environment of the metallurgical plant and suffered an extensive corrosion damage.

Fibre-Prime – unique, waterborne cementitious rustproofing and protective coating was used to stop rusting and protect pipes form further attack.

Fibre-Prime has been selected over conventional barrier systems, such as epoxy or polyurethane coatings, due to its many advantages, some listed below:

  • Needs only a light sandblast to remove loose rust – NOT expensive “white metal” blasting
  • Contains highly effective corrosion inhibitors active on both, Anodic as well as Cathodic corrosion sites
  • Provides superior rustproofing since it protects the steel even if there are “cuts or pinholes” in the coating. A pinhole or cut in epoxy / polyurethane system causes a high rate of corrosion in that area.
  • Fibre-Prime is much easier to apply
  • Less costly than polymer barrier systems – more Economical
  • Nontoxic & No VOC
  • Bonds tenaciously, even to Wet Steel

Rustproofing of Steel Pipes

Fibre Prime Being Applied

Industrial Facility Metalugstroj Mariupol