Repairs & Protection of Substructure of Piers at Woodbridge Port, Roseau, Dominica (Part 1)

Project: Piers SubstructuresRepairs& Protection, Woodbridge Port, Roseau, Dominica
Designer: Forster Construction Services LLC
Contractor: Carmar CarribbeanGroup Corp.
Products: Spray-Con WS ST, Fibre-Patch OV, Fibre-Prime
Objective: Repair and waterproofing of piers at Woodbridge Port in Roseau, Dominica. Fibre-Prime rustproofing was used on exposed reinforcing steel and steel columns Fibre-Patch OV for over-head hand patching and Spray-Con WS ST Premix, wet process shotcrete for spray applications overhead and for beam repairs.Contact Gemite for further information regarding damage and type of repairs carried out on the superstructure. Please also refer toProject Profile, Dominica –Deck repairs (Part 2)

Slab Deterioration

Spray Con WS ST Wet Process Shotcrete Slab Repair

Fibre Patch OV Overhead Vertical Hand Repairs

Fibre Prime Rustproofing Of Steel Piles