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Chemical Protection & Waterproofing of Manhole Risers Twinning of the West Trunk Sewer, Mississauga, ON, Canada

Project: Chemical Protection & Waterproofing of Manhole Risers Twinning of the West Trunk Sewer, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 
Designer: WSP Canada Inc
Owner: Region of Peel
Contractor: Algoma Contractors Inc.
Products: Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 & Cem-Kote Flex CR  

Chemical protection against H2S and Waterproofing of manhole risers on twinning of the West Trunk Sewer project in Mississauga, Peel Region.

Manholes comprise partly of segmental concrete riser and partly cast-in-place concrete, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Concrete surface was cleaned and profiled using high-pressure water 34 MPa (5,000 psi)

and active water leaks were stopped to allow application.

The inner surface of manholes was coated with 1 mm (40 mils) thick layer of Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100, allowed to air-dry cure, and the surface was cleaned using pressure water.

One coat of Cem-Kote Flex CR 1 mm (40 mils) thick was applied and brushed to eliminate possible pinholes and to further increase chemical protection.

The system needs min. 3-day air cure (under normal conditions) prior to exposure to sludge.

Advantages of Gemite’s Protective System

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 delivers superior bond, even to contaminated concrete & provides super tough surface with high abrasion resistance.

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 is an excellent Vapor Retarder that reduces moisture transfer from below, plus is insensitive to moisture in the concrete and high relative humidity allowing application under conditions under which it is impossible to apply polymer coatings.

Cem-Kote Flex CR forms a seamless membrane that provides excellent chemical resistance to acids (Microbiologically Induced Corrosion) and provides a long-lasting protection for concrete.

Cem-Kote Flex CR is Non-toxic and much easier and safer to apply than polymer coatings.

Figure 1 Manhole Raiser

Figure 2 Manhole Raiser

Figure 3 Manhole Raiser

Figure 4 Manhole Raiser

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