Chemical Protection & Waterproofing of Digester tank, Guelph, ON

Project: Chemical Protection & Waterproofing of Digester (sludge tank), Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Designer: CH2MHill
Owner: City of Guelph
Contractor: JDCMI
Products: Cem-Kote Flex CR and Gem-Plast TC  
Objective: Waterproofing and H2S protection of a digester tank in Guelph, Ontario was carried out in 2011.

The surface was cleaned by sand-blasting to obtain a clean, uncontaminated and profiled surface as per ICRI – CSP #3.

Surface delaminations and irregularities were repaired as required using Gem-Plast TC.

Cem-Kote Flex CR was applied in two coats to provide waterproofing and chemical protection

Figure 1 Digester Tank Guelph

Figure 2 Digester Tank Guelp Interior

Figure 3 Digester Tank Guelph Interior