Gemite Advantages

Advantages of Cem-Kote Flex over Polymer (epoxy or polyurethane) coatings

New Concrete

Cem-Kote Flex can be applied after curing new concrete for ONLY a few days

Polymer (epoxy or polyurethane) coatings require concrete to be cured for a minimum 28 days (most recommend 45 days) to prevent debonding. Installation of polymer coatings requires frequent testing to satisfy stringent surface “dryness” and very low humidity (35% relative humidity).

Insensitive to Moisture & Humidity

Cem-Kote Flex can be applied on Wet Substrate & at High Humidity

Cem-Kote Flex is completely insensitive to surface moisture and high humidity. It stops water penetration from the Negative side and prevents debonding due to vapor condensation resulting in high capillary pressures at concrete-membrane interface. Polymer coatings are very sensitive to moisture in concrete, surface moisture, high relative humidity and water vapor penetrating from behind or below concrete (below grade).  Most polymer coatings require 1-inch depth of concrete to be dried, or application of moisture barrier layer, prior to application. These procedures are extremely expensive, since drying a concrete tank requires expensive heating for 2 weeks or longer.


Cem-Kote Flex is “breathable” = Allows Water Vapor to Escape from inside the Substrate

Polymer membranes act as vapor barriers, preventing water vapor escape - resulting in de-bonding problems.

Flexibility + Crack Bridging

Cem-Kote Flex delivers crack bridging, augmented by Reinforcing Fabric HD

Polymer coatings (epoxy, vinyl-esters or flexibilized epoxies) are non-flexible, without (or limited) crack bridging capability.

Easy + Fast Application

Cem-Kote Flex is Easily & Quickly Applied without Special Equipment

Polymer coatings are “sticky” and the tools and equipment is difficult to clean, even with expensive organic solvents.  Application of polymer coatings has to be carried out in a very narrow “application window”, which increase the applied cost.


Cem-Kote Flex is a very “robust” product.

It accommodates large variations in moisture content, relative humidity and temperature, and its “application window” is wide and tolerant to varying site conditions. Application of polymeric coatings is restricted due to the substrate moisture, RH and temperature conditions required. Expensive heating equipment is needed to dry the application area.

Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic

Cem-Kote Flex is completely Non-Toxic & Not Hazardous

Cem-Kote Flex is a water-based, polymerised cementitious coating and does not require any personal protection.  Only disposable dust masks respirators are recommended during mixing. Polymer coatings are highly flammable, requiring proper ventilation at all times, and emit noxious smell requiring chemical protection (gloves & masks) at all times. Inhalation of epoxy fumes & dust is highly dangerous.

Cost Savings

Cem-Kote Flex is less than 50% of the Applied Cost of polymer coatings

Application of polymer coatings is very complex, especially when moisture and higher humidity exist, which significantly increases application time and results in very high applied cost.

Advantages of Cem-Kote CW Plus over Old-style Crystalline Waterproofing

New Concrete

Cem-Kote CW Plus can be applied next day, after placing concrete

Polymer (epoxy or polyurethane) coatings require concrete to be cured for a minimum 28 days (most recommend 45 days) to prevent debonding. Installation of polymer coatings requires frequent testing to satisfy stringent surface “dryness” and very low humidity (35% relative humidity).

Dual Waterproofing Action

Cem-Kote CW Plus combines Crystalline Waterproofing + Membrane Waterproofing

Result is an extremely Fast Activation - a few days, rather than weeks that are the norm for an old-style crystalline waterproofing. It can be used for negative and positive waterproofing as a brush-or spray-applied slurry.

Quicker Construction

Structures treated with Cem-Kote CW Plus can be filled in less than 24 hours

3-day moisture cure is recommended for Cem-Kote CW Plus, but if needed it can be exposed to water after only an overnight cure, since the membrane mechanism is fast acting. Water Exposure Delay using old-style crystalline waterproofing is several weeks (or longer) since the reaction time of the reactive compounds into concrete is very slow and needs water.

Lack of Free Silicate

Cem-Kote CW Plus Waterproofs Concrete “starved” of free calcium ions

Cem-Kote CW Plus works successfully on concrete substrates “starved” of free calcium ions” due to carbonation provided by Membrane Waterproofing Mechanism. Ordinary (old-style) crystalline waterproofing does not work in some old concrete structures, which due to carbonation have an insufficient amount of free silicate to react.

Poor Concrete

Cem-Kote CW Plus forms a continuous Waterproofing Membrane

Cem-Kote CW Plus positively waterproofs due to its Membrane waterproofing action. Leaks in the structures often occur, because the amount of crystalline material is relatively small, and is insufficient to waterproof spaces (cavities) created by poor concrete consolidation, “sand pockets” in dry shotcrete, insufficient embedment of reinforcing steel, or due to the high porosity of concrete.

Longer Open Time + Easy Application

Cem-Kote CW Plus has a much longer open-time = Easier + Faster Application

Cem-Kote CW Plus is very easy to spray apply using conventional spray equipment, peristaltic or positive displacement, due to its excellent rheology and virtually no rebound. Other crystalline materials have quite short “working time” after mixing, and higher ambient temperatures further shorten set times, resulting in very trying application.

Crack Treatment

Larger cracks are treated using Cem-Kote Flex ST + Reinforcing Fabric HD

Cem-Kote CW Plus system treats any larger substrate cracks using Reinforcing Fabric HD embedded in layer of Cem-Kote Flex ST - cracks are waterproofed quickly (overnight), allowing application of waterproofing system to proceed Old-style crystalline materials can only seal non-moving, hairline cracks, and are unable to seal larger cracks that are moving due to temperature change and structural loading (filling & emptying tanks). The “cut and fill” method used by conventional crystalline supplier is time consuming, costly and takes additional time to develop crystalline action to function properly.

Cost Savings

Cem-Kote CW Plus has lower applied cost than old-style crystalline materials

Ease of application, longer open time and simpler and faster crack treatment of Cem-Kote CW Plus results in lower applied costs.