Wall & Roof Coatings

Surface Preparation

Remove all loose, delaminated, and contaminated substrate, and clean the surface by a high pressure water, or other means, to remove any laitance, dust, dirt, oil & loose paint.

Primer # 300

Waterborne, high-performance, modified acrylic Primer, which can also be used as Topcoat for concrete block, brick, poured or precast concrete, stucco, wood and painted surfaces.

It is highly resistant to acid rain and most airborne pollutants, making it an ideal coating for walls in industrial environments or environments with high level of solid dirt pollutants.

Wall Coatings

Tuff-Flex CA

High-performance, architectural grade, exterior flexible waterproofing wall coating with exceptional color retention and fade resistance for protection of new, and restoration of cracked and deteriorated concrete, masonry and stucco.  UV Resistant and Mold and Mildew resistant.

Tuff-Flex CA is 100% acrylic coating, highly resistant to acid rain, with minimal dirt pick-up that bridges over and seals substrate cracks due to its high elongation at even very cold temperatures.  It is waterproof, but fully breathable (releases water vapor from the substrate) and its life expectancy is over 30 years.


Waterproofing pigmented seamless textured exterior wall finish for most wall surfaces, such as concrete, concrete block, cement board, brick, EIFS, stucco, plaster and metal.  The water borne material is available in a number of finishes and can be spray, roll or trowel applied.

Tuff-Coat can also be used on Horizontal surfaces with light to medium traffic, such as balconies and patios.  It is resistant to UV light and also Mold and Mildew resistant.

Thermo-Cote Wall Coat

Thermo-Insulating, high-performance, flexible waterproofing wall coating for protection of new, as and restoration of cracked and deteriorated concrete, masonry, stucco and galvanized steel.

Thermo-Cote Wall Coat has built-in flexibility that permanently bridges over and seals substrate cracks even at freezing temperatures. Its breathable formulation allows release of water vapor from the substrate,) but at the same time assures lasting waterproofing, and provides UV Resistance and Mold and Mildew resistance.

Rain-Shield Stain OP WB

Water-repellent stain which minimizes water intrusion into wall surfaces, like precast, tilt-up and cast-in-place concrete, stucco, brick and masonry, and provides long-term durability, color uniformity to protect and extend life of structure.

Rain-Shield Stain OP WB is water-based, non-flammable, environmentally friendly product with a very low VOC content. It offers unlimited colors and it may qualify your projects for L.E.E.D credits.

Rain-Shield MS 100

Protective water repellant (damp-proofing) clear penetrating sealer for vertical masonry and concrete surfaces.  It can be also used over painted vertical surfaces, enhances cleanability and is unaffected by salts and acid rain.

Rain-Shield MS 100 is a breathable, self-cleaning, non-yellowing, fast drying sealer, exhibiting excellent adhesion combined with superior durability, freeze-thaw, and high weather and UV resistance.

Rain-Shield SX WB

Waterborne Silane/Siloxane Clear water-repellent penetrating sealer for the long-term protection and restoration of above-grade poured and precast smooth, textured or exposed aggregate concrete, cement board, concrete block (standard, lightweight & pumice) brick, natural stone and stucco.

Rain-Shield SX WB is chemically reactive with the substrate, reduces water absorption and penetration, is breathable and chemically resistant to atmospheric contamination and provides long-term durability and freeze/thaw resistance.

Graffiti-Protection (Anti-Graffiti) Coatings

Graffiti-Shield ST WB

Non-Sacrificial, high-performance anti-graffiti coating – waterborne acrylic polymer formulation – for continuous graffiti protection of concrete and concrete brick, stucco and masonry, depending upon the porosity of the substrate.

Graffiti-Shield ST WB is suitable for both – Exterior and Interior applications.  It does not change the color of a painted substrate, but it will slightly darken an uncoated surface.  High abrasion resistance, Excellent UV resistance, fungus and mold resistance and Nonflammability make it a preferred choice of specifiers and owners.

Roof Coatings

Flex-Top RM

Flex-Top RM is an exceptionally flexible waterproofing roof coating with very high resistance to water ponding (because of its internal cross-linking).  Due to its high resistance to acid rain (does not contain any carbonate fillers) and most airborne pollutants it is an ideal roof coating in industrial environments.  Flex-Top RM can be used over concrete, metal and asphalt roofs and over most existing roof coatings.

Thermo-Cote Roof Coat

Thermo-Insulating, Reflective and highly flexible waterproofing roof coating with very high resistance to water ponding – use over concrete, metal, asphalt roofs & most existing roof coatings, and is Mold /Mildew and UV resistant.

Thermo-Cote Roof Coat has built-in flexibility that permanently bridges over and seals substrate cracks even at freezing temperatures – delivering long-term high-performance protection.

Foundation Coatings

Thermo-Shield Foundation Coating

Protective coating for rigid foundation insulation or ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) against weather damage, UV exposure and physical damage for above or below grade in exterior or interior applications.

Thermo-Shield Foundation Coating is a Portland cement based, polymer-modified mortar kit that protects, waterproofs, is environmentally safe and non-toxic and weed-wacker resistant.