Thin Traffic Toppings

Reinforced concrete is vulnerable to deterioration when exposed to weather, water, chemical environments or heavy traffic.  Resulting cracks and erosion allow water and chemicals to penetrate concrete surfaces, leading to rebar corrosion causing spalling, which aggravates the damage and results in reduced service life.

The damage needs to be assessed and correct remedial procedure implemented, using materials and systems that assure required performance and extend the usable life of the structure.

Surface Preparation

Clean all concrete surfaces using shotblast or sandblast to obtain a minimum CSP #3 profile per ICRI (International Concrete Repair Institute).

Corrosion Protection – Fibre-Prime

Clean reinforcing steel using mechanical abrasion – “white metal” surface is NOT required.

Polymer modified cementitious rustproofing, with migrating corrosion protection technology, is applied in 2 coats over exposed rebar surface to protect partially “buried” steel, to provide protection from future rusting.

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 – 3-6 mm (1/8”-1/4”)

Super durable, abrasion & impact resistant, polymerized cementitious heavy-duty traffic coating suitable for restoration and protection of airport traffic surfaces.  It is spray or brush applied in 2-coats and can be opened to traffic after 48-hours of air-drying.

Gem-Crete TO – 6-25 mm (1/4”-1”)

A self-leveling traffic topping for interior and exterior applications

Gem-Crete HF ST –6-12 mm (1/4”-1/2”)

Thicker traffic bearing overlay that has an exceptional fracture toughness and crack resistance, combined with superior abrasion resistance.  Highly flowable – easily applied by screeding – tining finish provides superior traction. Under normal conditions it can be open to traffic after 48 hours of air-drying.

Gem-Crete HDO –12-60 mm (1/2”-2”)

Heavy-Duty, highly fibre-reinforced traffic bearing bonded overlay is super tough and delivers excellent impact and abrasion resistance – over 25-years successful track record under high-traffic loads on highway bridge decks.

Cem-Kote Barrier Coat 100 must be used as bonding agent.

Advantages of Thin Traffic Bearing Bonded Toppings

  • Thin Application – less costly than partial slab replacement
  • Systems available for any Thicknesses
  • Easy & Fast Application – with Standard equipment & tools
  • High Abrasion & Impact resistance
  • UV stability
  • Easy maintenance