Adi-Con AWA 100 Anti-washout admixture for Underwater concreting
Adi-Con BA AC Super High-Performance Polymer admixture + Bonding agent
Adi-Con CSF (R) High-Strength, Durability & Impact improving and Corrosion reducing admixture
Adi-Con CSF Silica Fume (Microsilica) admixture
Adi-Con CW Plus Crystalline Waterproofing admixture
Adi-Con Fiber 100 Reinforcing Fiber for concrete and mortar
Adi-Con SER Surface Evaporation retarder
Adi-Con SP 500 Highly efficient Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer
Adi-Con VCA 100 Viscosity Modifier for Self-Compacting Concrete (SSC)
Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 Waterproofing & Vapor Barrier coating
Cem-Kote CW Plus Crystalline In-Depth Waterproofing – Drinking Water ANSI/NSF Standard 61 approved
Cem-Kote Flex CR Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Resistant Flexible Polymer-modified cementitious coating
Cem-Kote Flex GP Flexibilized multi-use cementitious waterproofing
Cem-Kote Flex PLUS Highly-Flexible Polymer-Modified cementitious Waterproofing
Cem-Kote Flex ST Flexible cementitious Waterproofing – NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 – Drinking (Potable) Water Certified
Cem-Kote Flex TC Flexible Polymer-Modified cementitious coating for Swimming Pools
Cem-Kote ST Polymer-Modified Thin Waterproofing cementitious coating
Fibre-Patch ES ST Fast-Setting, High-Strength patching mortar
Fibre-Patch OV Overhead & Vertical Reprofiling mortar – over 12 mm (1/2”)
Fibre-Patch ST Horizontal Patching mortar – over 12 mm (1/2”)
Fibre-Patch WP Water plug
Fibre-Prime Corrosion Inhibiting / Rustproofing coating for Reinforcing steel (rebar) & Steel structures
Flex-Top RM (Roof Membrane) Flexible Waterproofing Flat Roof coating (water ponding resistant)
Gem-Cote CP 200 Anti-Corrosion coating for Steel and Aluminum (new or previously painted)
Gem-Cote EP 100 Epoxy coating 100% solids – Broadcast System & Mortar
Gem-Cote EP 100 Primer Epoxy Primer / Sealer 100% solids
Gem-Cote S ST Adhesive Epoxy Bonder / Adhesive for Gem-Strip Carbon Laminate
Gem-Cote W ST Primer Epoxy Primer for Gem-Wrap Carbon Fabric
Gem-Cote W ST Resin Epoxy Bonder / Adhesive for Gem-Wrap Carbon Fabric
Gem-Cote WA Plus Acrylic Water-based Floor Coating
Gem-Cote VR WB Waterborne Epoxy Vapor Barrier
Gem-Crete HDO Waterproof Heavy-Duty Vehicular Traffic Topping
Gem-Crete HF ST Abrasion-Resistant Waterproofing Vehicular Traffic coating (bonds to asphalt)
Gem-Crete TO ST Self-Leveling Exterior Traffic coating
Gem-Gard MCI Surface Applied Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor
Gem-Gard MSF Water-based Magnesium Fluorosilicate Sealer/ Densifier
Gem-Gard SI 100 Concentrated Water-based Silicate Sealer/ Densifier (100% solids)
Gem-Gard SL 100 Clear Penetrating Breathable Silane Sealer
Gem-Gard SL Plus VOC Clear Highly-Reactive Penetrating Silane Sealer (VOC compliant)
Gem-Gard SL/SX ST WB Clear Penetrating Water-based Silane / Siloxane Sealer
Gem-Grout Non-Shrink Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout (Non-Metallic)
Gem-Grout Non-Shrink Anchor High-Performance, Non-Shrink Anchoring Cementitious Grout
Gem-Grout UW Underwater Pumpable Non-Shrink Grout
Gem-Plast TC Levelling & Reproofing Mortar – up to 12 mm (1/2”)
Gem-Seal UE WB Water-based Urethane-Acrylic High-Performance Floor Sealer
Gem-Seal WA PLUS Water-based Acrylic Concrete Floor Sealer
Gem-Strip CL Carbon Laminate for Structural reinforcing
Gem-Wrap CF Carbon Fabric for Structural reinforcing
Graffiti-Shield Water-Based Anti-Graffiti Coating
Nano-Gard 100 Plus Waterproofing Hydrophobic Water-based Silicate Sealer
Nano-Gard 100 ST Waterproofing Water-based Silicate Concrete Sealer
Nano-Gard 500 Waterproofing Lithium Water-based Concrete Sealer
Nano-Shield OSP Inorganic Protective Coating for concrete against Organic Solvents & Emulsified Hydrocarbons
Primer # 300 Primer for Tuff-Cote, Tuff-Flex & Tuff-Stone CB
Primer # 410 Primer for Sure-Flo Underlayment / Toppings
Rain-Shield Clear SX WB Clear Acrylic-Siloxane Water-based Sealer
Rain-Shield MS 100 Clear Deeply Penetrating Self-Cleaning Acrylic Sealer for Masonry & Concrete
Rain-Shield Stain OP WB Acrylic-Siloxane Waterborne Stain for Concrete & Masonry
Reinforcing Fabric FC Alkali-Resistant Fiberglass Mesh / Reinforcing Fabric
Reinforcing Fabric HD Heavy-Duty Polymeric Reinforcing Fabric for Cem-Kote Flex
Reinforcing Fabric NW Nonwoven Polymeric Reinforcing Fabric for Cem-Kote Flex
Spray-Con DS ST Dry Shotcrete (Gunite)
Spray-Con WS ST Wet Shotcrete
Sure-Flo FT 100 Interior High-Performance Trafficable Self-Levelling Floor Topping
Sure-Flo PLUS High Strength Pumpable Self-Levelling Underlayment
Thermo-Cote Roof Coat Thermally Insulating Reflective & Waterproof Roof Coating
Thermo-Cote Wall Coat Thermally Insulating Reflective & Waterproof Wall Coating
Thermo-Shield Foundation Coating Protects Rigid Polystyrene from UV, Weather and Physical Damage
Tuff-Cote High-Build Acrylic Textured Wall Coating – Grain Float, Sand Float, Short Nap Roller or Textured Roller / Spray
Tuff-Flex CA Acrylic Highly-Flexible Elastomeric Wall Coating – Smooth or Textured