Structural Strengthening

Integral part of restoration of many structures today is a Structural Strengthening, either to restore or add load capacity.

Typical Applications

  • Restore structural elements damaged by fatigue / stress to Original Load Capacity
  • Increase load capacity of beams, columns, walls or slabs
  • Provide additional Dynamic / Static Loads needed due to higher traffic loads
  • Seismic (earthquake) effects
  • Vehicle (mechanical) impact
  • Relieve stresses generated by construction / design errors

Gemite supplies materials and application support for a variety of FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) composite systems materials for a bonded system to strengthen the structure for both flexural and shear strengthening applications.

FRP use both Glass (GFRP) and Carbon (CFRP) and have been used for most structural applications for decades, because the strength and stiffness to weight of a carbon fiber part is much higher than steel.

In structural (civil engineering) applications externally bonded Carbon FRP are extremely efficient and successful as reinforcement, due to its high tensile strength (10 x more than steel), light weight, thin application and low creep.

Fiber reinforced fabrics are wrapped around a structure, bonded and coated with an epoxy resin. Once dry, these systems strengthen concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures and can be up to 10 times stronger than steel, yet thinner and flexible.  Because they are easy to install, they reduce labor costs and downtime.

Gem-Wrap CF (Carbon Fabric)

High modulus of elasticity, combined with very high tensile strength, and excellent fatigue resistance makes it suitable for applications in tension, bending and shear.

Gem-Wrap CF flexibility allows it to be “wrapped” around structural elements.

It is Lightweight, Non-corrosive, Nontoxic and Resistant to alkalinity of concrete substrates.

Gem-Cote W ST Primer – Primer for bonding of Gem-Wrap CF

Gem-Cote W ST Primer is used together with Gem-Cote W ST Resin in bonding applications of Gem-Wrap CF to reinforce concrete, masonry and timber structures.

It is suitable for all Gem-Wrap fabrics, made of carbon, glass, aramid and basalt.

Gem-Cote W ST Resin – Bonding of Gem-Wrap CF

Designed for bonding of Gemite Wrap CF (carbon fabric) to reinforce concrete, masonry and timber structures.  Gem-Cote W ST Resin is suitable for all types of Gem-Wrap fabric – carbon, glass, aramid and basalt.

Gem-Cote W ST Resin is also used together with dry silica sand for thin layer patching of concrete surfaces prior to application of Gemite Wrap fabric.

Gem-Strip CL (Carbon Laminate)

Easy application – vertical or overhead, easy to use and simple to laminate intersections and crossings.  Noncorrosive, resistant to alkalinity of concrete substrates, has high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.

Gem-Strip CL has a very high tensile strength, excellent fatigue resistance and high MOE (modulus of elasticity) and increases load bearing capacity of concrete beams and slabs.

Used for Vertical, horizontal and overhead for exterior and interior applications.

Gem-Cote S ST Adhesive – Bonding of Gem-Strip CL

Used for bonding of Gem-Strip CL composites to reinforce concrete, masonry and timber structures.

Gem-Cote S ST Adhesive is also used together with dry silica sand for thin layer patching of concrete surface prior to application of Gem-Strip CL.

Benefits of Carbon FRP Reinforcement

  • Fast Installation = Reduced Downtime
  • Lower Cost – Compared to Remove & Replace
  • NO Increase in Dead Load
  • Heavy Equipment Not required
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Long-Term Performance