Floor Levelling + Moisture Remediation

Gemite assures that your application needs are matched with the right products to optimize costs and installation time. Our Technical Service provides technical advice to specifying architects and engineers, GC, and to specialty installers.

We deliver comprehensive solutions, from surface preparation, to selection of correct product and application methodology, assure successful job completion, and on time.

Concrete Surface Preparation

Concrete must be at least 28 days old, solid and structurally sound.  Mechanically (e.g. shotblasting) remove all delaminated and bond-breaking contaminants, including laitance, oil, wax, grease, asphalt, paint, salts and sealers to their penetrated depths.

Suitable concrete surface must be clean and dry, with a min. CSP 3 profile as per IVRI (International Concrete Repair Institute). Thoroughly vacuum prepared surfaces to remove all loose material and dust.

The substrate and ambient temperature must be min. 5°C (41°F) during the application and during curing.  The temperature of concrete slab surface must be few degrees higher than the dew point and rising. Do not use natural gas/propane heaters, if a temporary heat source is required.


  1. Underlayment materials should NOT be used in wet environments, or areas subject to constant exposure to water.
  2. Installation areas should be well ventilated to keep RH below 70%.
  3. Do not use acid etching, solvents, adhesive removers, or sweeping compounds.
  4. Note: Sanding equipment is not suitable to remove penetrating contaminants.

When an excessive moisture vapor transfer is present or possible, apply Gem-Seal EP WB, to avoid any de-bonding problems.

Gem-Seal EP WB

Gem-Seal EP WB is a moisture Vapor Retarder can be used on fresh concrete to allow an early application of non-breathable epoxy or polyurethane coatings to concrete and it is unaffected by high pH (13-14 pH).

Primer # 410

High performance acrylic primer for use with Sure-Flo Plus underlayment and Sure-Flo Plus traffic topping.  It is VOC compliant, and formulated to provide mildew resistance and high durability.

Self-Levelling Underlayment

Sure-Flo Plus

Fast-setting, self-leveling pumpable floor underlayment allows installation of floor finishes next day.  High compressive strength and very good resilience provides a perfect dense layer ready for application of vide range of floor coverings.

Sure-Flo Plus shrinkage compensated system is suitable for uneven concrete surfaces, frozen & rained on concrete, quarry tile & terrazzo, it replaces concrete finishing and proved solution for camber

Interior Self-Levelling Thin Traffic Topping

Sure-Flo FT

A specially formulated, cementitious, shrinkage compensated self- leveling floor finishing topping – for Interior applications only.  Can be featheredged and applied up to 19 mm (3/4” in one layer.

Crack-resistant, Fire-resistant, Non-flammable, Nontoxic and Sound insulating topping is walkable overnight or earlier depending on RH, temperature and thickness.

Exterior Self-Levelling Thin Traffic Topping

Gem-Crete TO

High flow self-leveling material for repair and waterproofing of concrete surfaces exposed to high concentrations of salt solutions and weak acids, such as industrial floors, loading docks and patios.

High strength and abrasion resistance (wet or dry), Superior workability, easy application and High bond to wet concrete, combined with Breathability, and high freeze/thaw resistance makes it first choice for demanding customers.  Environmentally safe, Nonflammable & Nontoxic.