Chemical Protection of Concrete

New Construction

The chemical resistance of concrete in mild chemical environments is controlled by quality and impermeability of concrete, which can be improved using admixtures.

Adi-Con CW Plus

Crystalline admixture, containing reactive materials that react with lime generated by the hydration reaction of cement and “plug” the capillary porosity, making concrete water tight under water head pressure.

Adi-Con CSF (R) – toppings over 60 mm (2”)

Microsilica based admixture that could double compressive strength of concrete from 5,000 psi to 10,000 psi (from 35 to 70 MPa), improves the chemical resistance of concrete and greatly improves concrete resistance to chloride penetration.

Due to great varieties of chemical exposures – contact Gemite’s Technical service for advice on selection and installation of above admixtures.

Advantages of Adi-Con admixtures:

  • Simplicity of Use – Add directly to concrete
  • Improves compressive strength
  • Reduced permeability throughout the concrete
  • Low cost

Surface Preparation + Selection of Correct System

The concrete in industrial environments are exposed to various chemicals, resulting in a great variation of deterioration – each of which requires a specific surface preparation.

Gemite offers a complete range of systems for protection of concrete structures – selection depends on chemical resistance required.

Contact Gemite’s Technical service for advice on system selection, surface preparation & application procedures.


Corrosion Protection – Fibre-Prime

Clean reinforcing steel using mechanical abrasion – “white metal” surface is NOT required.

Polymerised cementitious rustproofing, with migrating corrosion technology, is applied to any exposed reinforcing steel (rebar) and protects all surfaces of partially “buried” steel.

Levelling & Reprofiling up to 12 mm (1/2”) – Gem-Plast TC

Spray applied and troweled, or hand applied. Floor slabs may require a higher thickness.

Levelling & Reprofiling over 12 mm (1/2”) – Fibre-Patch OV (overhead) or Fibre-Patch ST (horizontal)

For larger volumes consider using Spray-Con WS ST – wet shotcrete process applied mortar.

Advantages of Gemite’s concrete repair products:

  • Low drying shrinkage
  • Resistance to cracking
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Exceptional workability

Floor Coating / Topping (Traffic)

Shot-blast or scarifying is used for surface preparation of before application of traffic coatings / toppings.

Gem-Crete HF ST – 6-12 mm (1/4”-1/2”)

Heavy-Duty waterproofing membrane, and skid resistant high-traffic surface – can be applied to rough and damp surfaces.

Gem-Crete HDO – 12-55 mm (1/2”-2”)

Heavy-Duty, Waterproof Traffic Topping provides superior resistance to the extreme traffic loads (heavy trucks and tanks).

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 is used as bonding agent (wet-to-wet).

Adi-Con CSF (R) – toppings over 60 mm (2”)

Microsilica based admixture that doubles compressive strength of concrete from 5,000 psi to 10,000 psi (from 35 to 70 MPa), improves the chemical resistance of concrete and greatly improves concrete resistance to chloride penetration.

Advantages of Gemite’s Traffic Re-Surfacing materials:

  • Thin section application
  • Low weight – no bridge re-classification is required
  • Easy and fast application
  • High abrasion and impact resistance

Chemical Protection

To protect restored concrete surfaces from further chemical attack, please contact Gemite Technical Service for assistance in selection suitable protective system and surface preparation for your application.

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 is insensitive to moisture in the concrete and air, delivers superior bond, even to contaminated concrete, and provides super tough surface with high abrasion resistance.

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 can be applied on new concrete overnight.
It is an excellent Vapor Retarder that reduces moisture transfer from below to allow application of non-breathable coatings. Polymer (epoxy or polyurethane) coatings require concrete to be cured for a minimum 28 days (most recommend 45 days) to prevent debonding. Installation of polymer coatings requires frequent testing to satisfy stringent surface “dryness” and extremely low (35%) relative humidity.

Cem-Kote Flex CR

Cem-Kote Flex CR has an excellent chemical resistance to acids generated by Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MCI) – it forms a seamless membrane (without joints) that provides lasting protection for concrete. Cem-Kote Flex CR is Non-toxic and much easier and safer to apply than polymer coatings. Its inherent flexibility is enhanced with Reinforcing Fabric HD to deliver an excellent bridging of substrate cracks.

Nano-Shield OSP (organic solvent protection)

Inorganic Protective Coating that protects concrete against penetration of Organic Solvents & Emulsified Hydrocarbons.  It is Non-Toxic, Resistant to alkali environment and solvent impermeable in 48 hours.

Gem-Seal UE WB

One component, moisture cure urethane resistant to variety of chemicals, including aircraft hydraulic fluid (Skydrol), gasoline, oils and other solvents.

Gem-Cote EP 100

Epoxy coating (100%), used in protection against highly aggressive chemicals

Secondary Containment Structures

Chemical industry utilizes secondary containment structures to contain spillage of corrosive chemicals from the holding tanks and prevent ground contamination. Suitable chemically resistant coatings must be used to protect concrete.

Moisture Transfer

Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100

Used as 1st coat to prevent any possibility of polymer coating disbondment due to moisture transfer from below the slab, or fresh concrete. It is an excellent Vapor Retarder that reduces moisture transfer from below and it’s insensitive to moisture in the concrete or high relative humidity.

Gem-Cote EP 100

100% epoxy coating provides chemical protection.

Application Procedures

  1. Concrete surface is cleaned and profiled using high-pressure water 35 MPa (5,000 psi)
  2. Crack are repaired using Reinforcing Fabric HD, embedded in Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100
  3. Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 is applied by spraying or brushing
  4. Curing – 3-day air cure is sufficient prior to application of Gem-Cote EP 100
  5. Clean the surface of Cem-Kote Barrier Cote 100 with high-pressure water 34 MPa (5,000 psi)
  6. Gem-Cote EP 100 is applied in 2 coats
  7. Curing – minimum 2-day air cure is required

Key Advantages:

  • Insensitivity to moisture
  • Can be applied to fresh concrete
  • Superior chemical resistance to acids & other chemicals
  • Easy application

Geopolymer – Mortars, Shotcrete & Concrete

Gemite offers geopolymer materials for concrete repair and protection, which are particularly suitable for acid exposures varying from low – to medium – to high concentrations + high temperatures (up to 800o C).

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