Crystalline Waterproofing, Fast Setting, General Purpose Cementitious Repair Mortar

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CEM-KOTE CW PATCH is a one-component, cementitious, crystalline waterproofing, fast setting restoration/repair mortar. It is designed as part of the CEM-KOTE waterproofing systems. This product contains proprietary   crystalline waterproofing technology and is designed for vertical, overhead, and horizontal applications.  This fast setting, low slump repair mortar may be troweled, shaped, molded, and shaved before taking a final set. CEM-KOTE CW PATCH is an excellent patching solution for applications requiring waterproofing.


CEM-KOTE CW PATCH is specifically designed for use with the CEM-KOTE line of crystalline waterproof coatings and the full line of MEL-ROL®, PRECON®, MEL-DEK, HYDRASTOPand CLAY-TITE waterproofing materials.  This fast-setting, low slump mortar is designed to minimize downtime. Because of its versatility, CEM-KOTE CW PATCH can be used vertically, horizontally, or overhead.  Whether the installation is interior or exterior, CEM-KOTE CW PATCH is an excellent choice for fast repairs above-, below-, or on-grade.  The product is suitable for patching form ties, precast lift pins or hooks and any other defect prior to waterproofing.  The product is also suitable for concrete pipe construction work.


  • Contains crystalline waterproofing technology
  • Low slump design for easy molding and shaping/No forms needed
  • May be feathered-edged/Tenacious bond
  • May be used vertically, horizontally, or overhead/Highly versatile
  • Excellent freeze-thaw characteristics/Long term repair stability
  • Fast setting/Increases turnaround time
  • Highly suitable for precast, tilt-wall, and cast-in-place concrete patching
  • Designed to aesthetically blend with typical concrete
  • Architectural-grade, light gray color


22.7 kg (50 lb.) bags
22.7 kg (50 lb.) pails


CEM-KOTE CW PATCH yield per 22.7 kg (50 lb. bag is 0.013 m3 (0.45 ft.3).


For bags, 18 months from date of manufacture when stored indoors on pallets in a dry, cool area. For pails, two years when stored indoors on pallets in a dry, cool area.  Do not store bagged material outside.


  • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 – Barrier Materials
  • Potable Water Approved (Industrial Grey Color Only)


Set times per ASTM C191
Initial 20 – 25 minutes
Final 60 – 65 minutes
Compressive strength per ASTM C109
@ 1 day: 17.2 MPa (2500 psi)
@ 3 days: 41.3 MPa (6000 psi)
@ 7 days: 48.3 MPa (7000 psi)
@ 28 days: 51.7 MPa (7500 psi)

Surface Preparation … Prepare concrete substrate in accordance with ICRI Technical Guideline #310.2: Specifying Concrete Surface Preparation for Sealers, Coatings, and Polymer Overlays. Mechanically roughen or high-pressure water-jet existing concrete substrate to a minimum concrete surface profile of CSP-4 or higher, depending on substrate condition. Remove all unsound concrete and provide a profiled, porous surface. Substrate must be structurally sound, dust-free, and free of grease, oil, dirt, curing compounds, release agents, or any other surface or penetrated contaminants that will adversely affect bond.

Sanding, cup grinding, or wire-abrading are not approved surface preparation methods.

Substrate must be saturated, surface dry (SSD) and free of standing water. For increased bond, prime substrate with REZI-WELD 1000 from W. R. MEADOWS and follow surface prep and application procedures as outlined on that data sheet.

Mixing … CEM-KOTE CW PATCH requires 3.3 – 3.78 L (3.5 – 4 qt.) of potable water per bag depending on desired consistency.  Mix for three minutes or until homogenous and until lump-free.  Do not mix more material than can be placed and finished within 20 – 25 minutes at 25° C.  Do not over-mix.

Application Method … Work CEM-KOTE CW PATCH into the properly prepared SSD substrate to ensure adhesion prior to bulk placement. Finish surface with a wood or steel trowel or sponge float. CEM-KOTE CW PATCH may be applied up to 51 mm (2″). Do not re-temper or over-work product. Follow ACI 305 “Standard on Hot Weather Concreting” or ACI 306 “Standard on Cold Weather Concreting” when applicable.

Curing … Wet cure CEM-KOTE CW PATCH for three days if going to leave exposed or uncovered by a waterproofing membrane the same day of installation.

Cleanup … All tools and equipment must be cleaned with water immediately after use.  Cured material must be removed mechanically.


CEM-KOTE CW PATCH is recommended for concrete repairs only.  CEM-KOTE CW PATCH is designed as a trowel down repair mortar.  Do not apply below 1.7° C or above 32.2° C or when rain is imminent.  Protect from freezing for a minimum 24 hours.  Do not bridge moving cracks.  Extend existing control, construction, and expansion joints through CEM-KOTE CW PATCH. Do not add any admixtures.  Exceeding liquid requirements shall result in reduced physical properties.  Realize that set time will decrease as the product, air, substrate, and mixing liquid temperature increase and will increase as the temperature decreases.  Featheredging may result in reduced durability and performance.  Maximum application thickness should not exceed 51 mm (2”) when applied neat.  Protect from conditions that may cause early water loss, such as wind, low humidity, high temperature, and direct sunlight.  Early water loss is also amplified in thin applications.  Failure to follow industry standard practices may result in decreased material performance.


Avoid direct contact with this product, as it may cause skin and eye irritation.  Utilize gloves and safety glasses to minimize direct contact.  Avoid inhalation of dust.  Inhalation may cause respiratory irritation and/or lung disease (silicosis).  This product contains silicon dioxide, which is classified by the IARC and NTP as probably carcinogenic to humans (IARC Group 2A).  The use of NIOSH approved respiratory protection is recommended in dusty environments.  Refer to Safety Data Sheet for complete health and safety information.  Keep product out of reach of children.