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Truro, Nova Scotia Equalization Tanks, Installation 2011

Project: Truro, Nova Scotia Equalization Tanks, Installation 2011
Investigation: ADI
Designer: Owner
Contractor: Eastern Infrastructure
Gemite products: Fibre-Prime, Spray-Con WS ST, Cem-Kote Flex CR


Objective: repair, waterproofing and chemical protection of equalization tank of an industrial facility. The tank is a part of biodegrading facility and is exposed to high levels of hydrogen sulfide. (The information on concrete specification is available on request).The tank was constructed in 1995 with tanks originally not covered. The town expansion resulted in complaints about the smell. For this reason the tank was covered in 2003. There was no deterioration of the tank until then, but since 2003 till 2010, the time of the inspection, there was a serious concrete and the reinforcing steel deterioration as shown in Figure 1 and 2.

The repair procedure consisted of the following steps: the hydro-demolition removal of deteriorated concrete, (see Figure 3), replacement of deteriorated reinforcement, application of Fibre-Prime rust-proofing over all exposed reinforcing steel, wet shotcrete application of Spray-Con WS ST, 10-15 cm to repair the concrete surface (see Figure 4 and 5) and application of two coats of Cem-Kote Flex CR – waterproofing coating resistant to H2S. Spray-Con WS ST was supplied in concentrate to the ready mix plant and mixed with specified amounts of cement, and aggregate; and supplied in 3 cubic meter quantities to the site for wet process shotcrete application.



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