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Thermo-Shield Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS)

GEMITE GROUP is a World leader in the development of building materials and technologies.  We are a multifaceted Group of Companies specializing in Advanced Construction Technology and Building Systems.  Gemite technologies and building systems are well known in many countries around the Globe.Over the years, we have utilized our knowledge of building materials and international market need to perfect the Thermo-Shield Exterior Insulation & Finishing Systems (“EIFS”).

Gemite Omni Globe Building System

Thermo-Shield EIFS
Gemite offers EIFS for insulation and finishing of new buildings, and for the refurbishing of existing buildings. The Thermo-Shield EIFS consist of a layer of insulation coated with flexible cement base coat and textured, colored finishes.

Thermo-Shield EIFS Features

  • High level of insulation – conserves energy
  • Long-term durability – low maintenance costs
  • Easy installation – reduced construction costsGemite Omni Glebe building System
  • Ventilated system – prevents water condensation
  • Waterproofing and pollution resistance – long lasting aesthetics
  • Dramatically improves building exteriors – increases the building value

Thermo-Shield Cladding Panel Systems
The system consists of a lightweight structural steel frame, combined with Thermo-Shield EIFS. Pre-fabricated panels are used as insulated cladding in high-rise residential and high-rise commercial buildings.

Thermo-Shield Cladding System Features

  • Fast manufacturing and erection costs
  • Low material costs
  • High thermal insulation value
  • Low capital investment required for manufacturing equipment

Omni-Globe System delivers high quality housing – at an affordable price.
An Omni-Globe building can be built cheaper than any comparable systems currently available.