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Omni-Global Building System

Omni-Globe Building System, patented worldwide, is a universal structural building Gemite Omni Globe Building Systemsystem suitable for residential and commercial projects.The Omni-Globe structure is exceedingly strong and very stable, yet surprisingly simple. Omni-Globe elements are manufactured under controlled conditions and then erected on site to form a building, as if assembling a puzzle utilizing giant Lego like building blocks.

The Omni-Globe System is structurally and economically suitable for projects ranging from inexpensive housing to prestigious commercial buildings, and fulfills the urgent demand for fast production of high quality, inexpensive, and safe housing anywhere in the world.

Features and Benefits of Omni-Globe Building System

  • Total Structural System – Omni-Globe delivers revolutionary technology for the complete building – walls, elevated floors and roof. Most other building systems do not provide this comprehensiveness
  • Flexibility & Adaptability to local market requirements.  The Omni-Globe System has design versatility unparalleled by any other building system available
  • Local Materials and Labor are used, resulting in significant cost savings
  • Transfer of Technology benefits the local economy and people, and satisfies local government requirements with respect to the training and employment of local labor
  • Rapid Construction – a total house is completed in a few days, resulting in much lower financing costs
  • Sound & Fire Resistance – the sound transmission class rating of an Omni-Globe wall is similar to that of conventional concrete block wall. The Omni-Globe System exhibits superior fire resistance proven by extensive fire testing
  • Hurricane Winds & Earthquake Resistance – Omni-Globe System can be designed to satisfy the most stringent code requirements anywhere in the world
  • Environment Friendly – all materials in the systems are non-toxic and can be recycled.  All the materials resist decay and vermin