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Gem-Bond Permanent ST

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Gem-Bond Permanent ST TM is a water borne agent for bonding of cement based mortars or concrete to concrete substrates. After application to the concrete surface it provides permanently “tacky” surface, allowing a good adhesion of mortars or concrete. Gem-Bond Permanent ST hardens on contact with wet cement materials. Unlike re-emulsifiable, polymer emulsion based bonding agents, which exhibit poor bond in wet environments, Gem-Bond Permanent ST exhibits an excellent resistance to re-emulsificaton and excellent bond in wet environment. Gem-Bond Permanent ST It can be let exposed for weeks and will remain “tacky”. Also, it will not form a hard film on drying, exhibited by conventional latex bonding agents. Gem-Bond Permanent ST is particularly suitable in applications where the access to concrete surface is hindered by the presence of forms or reinforcement. If migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI) is required in the bonding agent, please use Gem-Bond Permanent Plus.

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